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"I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things ..."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery.



Celebrating our 12th year in business!!

Welcome to Guaranteed Flight Training , San Diego’s premier destination for private “one on one” Flight Instruction.

Hello and Welcome to my Webpage !

My name is Michael Upton and I am celebrating my 11th year in business as a professional full time Flight Instructor. I’ve logged over 7500 hours of flight experience and personally trained hundreds of pilots and student pilots for various certificates , ratings, initial and currency training.

What sets me apart from of other flight instructors is something you can’t buy... EXPERIENCE ! I believe I offer the highest quality flight training and the best “value to services rendered” in the area for personalized one on one flight training. Please feel free to look around and learn about my services. 

For those of you who are just starting out , flying is a wonderful privilege. It allows you to develop a level of skill, confidence and self-reliance that is not found in other pursuits. When you become a pilot your world truly becomes a smaller place. What was once an hour and a half drive to a dock to take a one-hour boat ride to Catalina Island is now a 30-minute flight. How about flying the Baja peninsula and stopping at exclusive fly-in resorts? Or using an aircraft for travel to business meetings…Los Angeles is no longer a day out of your life stuck on a moving parking lot for a brief business meeting. Do not forget the romance of taking someone special on a sunset flight. Your aircraft and abilities are the only limits to your flying adventures.

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Intro Flight Description:

Guaranteed Flight Training can make your dream of flying into a reality…our "intro flights" are approximately an hour in length (not 15-20 minutes of flight time like most other intro flights) which allows for enough flight time to truly asses your capabilities. The flights are a “completely hands on” experience for a prospective pilot/adventurer. You will do most of the flying and be given an honest evaluation of your potential by an experienced flight instructor. You can officially log the time you fly for purposes of training towards a certificate. We use 4 seat aircraft, so you are welcome to bring someone along to experience the flight with you. They also make a unique gift @ 189.00! 

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Watch our flight video HERE!