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My philosophy in flight training is to make it as simple , easy and enjoyable as possible; while maintaining a very high level of safety and an expectation of student performance. I believe I have a duty to expose my students to very realistic flight training scenarios and to always level with them about their progress and ways to improve their skills. Many students have told me that they appreciate my straightforward nature.

I believe that all of my students have a unique frame of reference and as such I do not use "canned syllabuses" or "one size fits all" techniques. I had the benefit of being trained by "old school" "high time" instructors and I try to pass on as much of my knowledge , experience and expertise as I can to my students. I fly almost a thousand hours a year and still consider my flying as an evolving learning process wherein I continually build upon my basic flying skills.

My students will be exposed to challenges during their training and afterwards in flying to be the best pilots they can be and I am proud to say that all of them are enjoying their privileges and newfound freedom of flying; accident and incident free.

Learning to fly can be a humbling experience. I remember times when I felt that everything was going to fast and I thought I would never "get it." Hard work and persistence always pays off. I have flown with "natural pilots" who learn very quickly and have excellent skills and I have flown with those who have to work very hard to achieve the same level of skill. The simple fact about flying is you have to demonstrate a certain level of theoretical and practical skills to get your certificate and to survive.

I encourage my students to "solo" as often as possible to build up their confidence & skills and break the instructor / student co-dependence which is now the industry norm. I can't tell you how many certified pilots I have met that are apprehensive to fly by themselves. I think this is directly related to inexperienced instructors (300-1000 hour wonders) who are " Time Builders" milking their students for every flight minute they can get so they can go work for a regional airline for $17.00 per flight hour based on a 70 hour flight month. It is sad that the "full time" dedicated flight instructor is such a rare bird these days. I have found that it is much more personally rewarding (to me) to train people to fly than it ever was to sit for hours, arms folded and make sure the auto pilot was functioning correctly while trying to stay awake.

If you are a prospective new student I require that we take an "intro flight" together so I can make an assessment of your skills and give you the informed consent you need to move forward. If I think you are not suited to flying, I will let you know right then and there. You do not need to waste your time and money and I do need to pump people's egos to stay in business or damage my reputation with the misrepresentations that are all too common these days from certain flight schools who take advantage of consumers.

I do not believe in "weekend" , "10 day" , "fast paced" programs. They are dangerous, are proven to have extremely low retention rates and high accident / incident rates associated with this type of training. To me it is counter intuitive to learn a skill that your life depends upon as quickly as possible. If you needed a surgeon would you feel better if he told you he learned surgery from a school that ascribed to what amounts to " fast food " training. I believe a person should go at whatever pace is comfortable for them and enjoy the experience. If you have time constraints most of the time we can work out a schedule to complete the training without sacrificing the quality in the process.

I do not use " FLIGHT SIMULATORS " because there are no real flight simulators in San Diego County. A real flight simulator is a multi-million dollar device that moves and simulates the flight motion and sensations the pilot inputs into the flight controls. A real Flight Simulator is an excellent device, mostly used by airlines and the military to expedite flight training and lower the cost of using the actual aircraft.

If you need instrument training; the best place for that is inside of a real aircraft, inside of a real of my favorite places to be.

My guarantee is simple. I guarantee that you cannot find a more qualified instructor or better aircraft for the value to service rendered by me in San Diego , Los Angeles or Orange Counties.

I am qualified to teach for all fixed wing certificates and ratings in single and multi-engine aircraft.

Regardless of where you chose to flight train, I hope you have a positive experience and make the most of your potential.



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