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The instrument rating will probably be the most demanding and rewarding rating for a pilot to obtain. There is no room in the Instrument Flight Rules world for sloppy pilots or weak airmanship. The instrument rating you ultimately obtain is a “professional rating” the same rating an airline pilot has along with all of the responsibilities and even more of a work load if you are flying “single pilot” IFR.

The whole purpose of an instrument rating is to be confident and proficient in IMC and working in the ATC.


I expose my students to as much real world instrument flying as possible. We frequently, go into the Los Angeles Class B airspace and fly whenever we can in Instrument Meteorological Conditions. As long as there isn’t any convective activity , icing or ground fog we are usually good to go. You will learn from experience how to work in the busy San Diego and L.A. class B airspace with confidence. If you are interested in becoming a real world instrument pilot or need help to gain the confidence needed to effectively & comfortably operate in IFR I look forward to hearing from you.

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