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The most common thing I hear from those persons interested in flying is : “I’ve always wanted to learn fly but I have never gotten around to it.” Most of my clients are professionals in their respective fields who now have the time and resources to follow their dreams of becoming a pilot.

Flying is not only practical if you live in Southern California but it is also a beautiful place to learn to fly. Where else can you enjoy the spectacular views offered by the ocean , mountains and deserts ? Once you learn to fly, California becomes a much smaller place and the monotony of long drives and traffic is replaced by a short flight full of adventure. My pilots frequently comment they have also benefited immensely by the self confidence and new skill sets they have acquired during their flight training.

Your flight training adventure begins by learning the basic aspects of flight and certain flight maneuvers …. and don’t forget those landings ! After you become proficient with the basics you will “solo” and then begin to learn how to navigate and plan cross country trips to various local destinations while practicing your maneuvers.... and don’t forget those landings ! The final phase of your flight training consists of night flying , mountain flying and the final honing of your skills for your check ride with a designated FAA examiner. When you have earned your FAA Private Pilot Certificate it is good for the rest of your life provided that you have a current medical and a Bi-Annual Flight review...which BTW is free to my former students.

I have found that flying at least two times per week is the best way to progress through the training and once you begin to solo you will only fly once per week with your instructor and at least once per week on your own .If you want to expedite your training you can fly 5 times per week or more. Most of my students; solo in 12-18 hours and finish in 50-65 hours. The national average time to finish is 80 hours. The exact time you will be able to fly to FAA standards varies with the your level of coordination, spatial awareness and ability to comprehend the conceptual aspects of flight , flight rules and aircraft systems.

My students are allowed to schedule on-line for aircraft and are issued a key which fits all of the airplanes. After you get your pilot certificate you can rent the aircraft for your personal use. I use Cessna 172 SkyHawks for Primary training which are known for their reliability, utility and practicality.

I welcome you to book an intro flight to learn more about the process and get an honest evaluation of your skills.

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